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Issue 48 – Challenging Teens

Navigating through all the challenges of the teenage years, youth with diabetes yet have to manage a chronic illness that requires medical management that places restrictions on what and how one can eat and do. Parents may even monitor them 24/7 to ensure they are safe. YDA members tell their stories of how they face the challenges – it is a lot to manage, but very possible! Continue Reading

Issue 47 – Keep Hope Alive

Many young people with diabetes overcome hurdles in managing their own medical needs with the demands of their academic and social lives every day; and some have accomplished this in such a remarkable fashion that YDA has recognized them with the Flame of Hope scholarship. You can read about the four winners of this year’s scholarship and learn about how they have lived their lives in an outstanding way.Continue Reading

Issue 46 – Enjoy the Challenge

Difficulties, barriers, and dilemmas are a fact of life. Challenges are like callouses on a gymnast’s hands – as you meet each challenge head on, you build up resistance and your skin become tougher; and in time you will become stronger and you will be able to cope more easily.
Continue Reading

Issue 45 – Embracing the Teenage Years

All of us parents remember what it was like to be a teenager. Those years were precious and life-changing – confusing yet exciting; challenging and full of struggles, yet it often brings out the best in us. Teenagers constantly surprise adults – us adults who sometimes forget that teens are not children, but young adults full of energy, ideas, and motivation. Teens living with diabetes are just as amazing and full of potential as their peers – sometimes even more so, because living their daily lives already proves their might and their strength.Continue Reading

Issue 44- Living with Diabetes

We were delighted to have more than 100 parents, medical professionals and public attending the conference this year. The focus was to bring together local diabetes experts to provide practical advice and information for our members. As always, the conference also provided a wonderful opportunity for attendees to meet and interact with other members, who also provided valuable and practical advice and tips.Continue Reading

Issue 43 – Flame of Hope

The Flame of Hope Scholarship is an advocate for youths suffering from diabetes who show the ability to successfully manage their disease and excel in academic performance, community involvement, extracurricular activities, diabetes advocacy, and are growing up to their full potential. This year, three recipients have been awarded in recognition of these aspects, namely Ko Yuen Ling, Crystal Sze, and Sammi Tsang. Let’s look into what they would like to share with us.Continue Reading