We will not accept NO as an answer!

To all YDA members, Parents and Affiliates,

We will not accept NO as an answer!

Youth Diabetes Action is disappointed and does not agree with the replies from the HK Government’s Food and Health Bureau, Home Affairs Bureau, and the Community Care Fund that our children are already receiving comprehensive diabetes care from the Government. What our children receive is only basic care just to stay alive – but where is the critical mass of providing them with dignified and healthy lives?

The Government has evaded the issue of our children’s health and Hong Kong’s worsening problem with diabetes by referring us to other NGOs for financial subsidies when in fact they only offer medical supplies at lower costs – YDA has already been doing this and more for many years. The Government has not acknowledged the truth that YDA is the only charity in Hong Kong that offers direct financial assistance to needy families living with diabetes. They are very wrong!

We absolutely cannot take NO as an answer. Let’s work more closely together and fight for the future of our children. We invite you to write as individual parents to the HK Government to protest their short-sighted decision. Please send your letters and emails to the YDA office and we will collate and send on.

Yours sincerely,

Fina Cheng
Youth Diabetes Action

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