schoolThe new diagnosis of type 1 diabetes in a child can create a lot of stress for the family since this is a life-altering experience. “How to deal with school” is probably the top item of the list. It is a critical step to arrange proper care in the school environment. Since fluctuations in blood sugar may greatly affect your child’s attention or behavior, it is even more important that he is able to maintain metabolic control as close to normal as possible.

At a minimum, fluctuations in blood sugar may disturb the order of classroom: high blood sugars can cause frequent urination, and low blood sugars require a snack and frequent testing. It is necessary for you to substantially increase communication with your child’s school. Educating school personnel about diabetes and your child’s individual needs is an important first step.

Topics you might want to discuss include:
In essence, as the parents of a diabetic child, you should:
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