Emotional Response – What Parents Go Through

cooking_emotionalYou just found out that your child has diabetes

Your world has suddenly been turned upside-down with injections, concerns about low blood glucose (sugar), and worries about whether your child can continue to attend school, play sports and generally have a normal life.

You will experience a range of emotions and have numerous questions. Fear, anger, denial, frustration, depression and uncertainty are common emotions that we may experience under these circumstances. You may also come up with a lot of questions like “What will my child tell his or her friends?”, “How can I tell their teachers?”, “Are there any other parents out there who have gone through such experience?” and “How do they cope with this?”

It is frightening to discover someone you love has diabetes. Don’t panic; although diabetes is serious, people with it can live long, healthy, active and happy lives.

The fear of messing up is also quite normal. Following diagnosis, we all change from regular parents to medical and administration experts in the blink of an eye. Having to learn in an instant how to keep a child alive and happy through medical intervention can be overwhelming. Coupled with the lack of sleep and worries, it can also be emotionally draining. The key is to find the help and support of others with the same experiences that you are now going through.

Do not panic if you make mistakes – just take it one day at a time. We make mistakes all the time and our kids turn out fine. The occasional mistake or mess-up means that you are relaxing and living your life. You and your child will survive it all.

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