complications.JPGHow we take care of diabetes now, affects what happens to our health later on in our lives. We may not think it’s that big a deal if our blood glucose is a little high today and feel just fine, but hyperglycaemia is a strain on the body and it can cause problems later on. These problems are called complications. Some of the more common complications are listed below.

Neuropathy is nerve damage. It can cause problems in the legs as well as other systems in the body.

Retinopathy is damage to the eyes.

Nephropathy is kidney disease. Kidneys are our waste-filtering system. If the kidneys are damaged by disease, they don’t work as well, resulting in a build-up of poisons in the body.

Heart disease is more common for diabetic people. Treatments are available to deal with these complications. For instance, eyes surgery can help keeping retinopathy from turning into blindness. Of course the best way to treat is to have good management on diabetes now and as we get older. This can help delay or prevent complications later.

It may be difficult for us to understand why diabetes care is so important and we may have trouble understanding how what we do now can affect us in the future. We may sometimes want to slack off on our diabetes care and say that the complications will “never happen to me”, or be the opposite and feel like we’ll have problems no matter what we do so why bother?

If we have these feelings it may help to talk to someone about how frustrating diabetes care can be.

Diabetic people are much more prone to some kinds of problems, like dry skin or gum disease. Knowing how to take care of ourselves can prevent or reduce these problems as much as possible.

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