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friends_family.JPGPeople around you, especially your family members, will probably change the way they treat you after you are diagnosed. Grown up relatives may be worried about the activities you normally take part in, such as playing in sports teams or staying overnight at a friend’s house. Siblings may be jealous of all the special attention you are getting. And all of them may be watching everything you do, or don’t do, or may just bother you too much!

All of this may be hard to accept. You may feel angry or even lose temper with your family. Sometimes you may prefer that they would just leave you alone. You may experience mixed and complicated feelings but it is normal to feel like this.

But always remember that even your family has to adjust to your diabetes, just like you do. In time, things will feel more normal again. If you talk to your parents and your siblings about your feelings and how sometimes when they do or say something, it bothers you, it will help both you and them in dealing with the diabetes.

The most important thing that you must never forget, however angry or frustrated you may feel, is that your family loves and cares about you and always wants you to be well!

If you’re older and out of the house a lot, sometimes your parents may not realize how well you are actually able to take care of your own diabetes and all the tools you can use to control it. Or they may not realize that everyone with diabetes—and especially growing kids—has blood sugars that are out of range at least some of the time.

So, sometimes your parents’ nagging can be needless or just plain wrong—and that can really bug you when you’re just learning to take control of your own diabetes. But you still have to sit and explain to them nicely, what exactly the situation is.

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