Ketones monitoring

xmas_handsBased on the results of your monitoring, your doctor will advise you to test your urine for ketones when:

  • your blood sugar level is too high;
  • you feel like vomiting or are having abdominal pain;
  • you are sick;
  • you feel tired all the time;
  • you are thirsty or have a very dry mouth;
  • your skin is flushed; or
  • you feel difficult to breath and your breath smells “fruity”.

Ketones will appear in the urine when your body breaks down body fat for energy instead of glucose. This happens when there is still not enough insulin to allow for the glucose to be properly absorbed. It is very important for every diabetics to know how to check for ketones in the urine.

When ketones start to build up, small amounts are present. A test needs to be done again in a few hours. If large amounts of ketones are found, it can poison your body. You should let your doctor know immediately if large amounts are found.

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