insulin_injection.JPGTo lower blood sugar level, a hormone – insulin is needed to help sugar entering the body’s cells. This hormone is used by doctors to treat diabetes when the body cannot make enough insulin on its own. There are many types of insulin injections, both short and long-acting. When people with diabetes work out a care plan with their doctors, most of them take insulin injections based on their blood glucose levels.

The only cells that can produce insulin for you are cells found in your pancreas. But diabetes simply destroys pancreas cells, until the cells cannot make insulin anymore. If you have diabetes, your insulin needs to be taken from the outside rather than made from the inside.

Where it comes from

Insulin cannot be swallowed because your stomach will digest it before the insulin has done its work in controlling your blood sugar. You have to inject your insulin so that your stomach will not digest it before it is able to work in your bloodstream.

Why your dose may change

As your body grows, you will need more insulin to control blood sugar. A person who is 18 years old will need 4 times more insulin than that needed by an 8-year old. The result of your blood sugar tests will tell you and your doctor when and how much to increase insulin. These tests are as important as taking insulin.

Insulin pump

Kids with diabetes have better control and more flexibility during mealtimes when they use insulin pump compared to relying on daily insulin shots. The insulin pump releases insulin continuously into the body throughout the day and also increases the amount of insulin before meals in order to maintain good blood sugar level.

Parents may feel that it is easier to manage their children’s diabetes through the use of an insulin pump because children may not be willing to eat at the same time every day. This allows more flexibility to offer meals or snacks at different times. Parents also no longer need to give insulin shots at least three times a day. If you are interested in learning more about the pump, you can ask your parents to contact HKJDA.

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