• Dress BLUE Selfie Diabetes impacts every aspect of life – bringing huge emotional and financial challenges. To mark World Diabetes Day on 14 November, we are organising BLUE NOVEMBER to raise awareness of diabetes and its serious impact, emphasising on care among the community. 14 Nov is World Diabetes Day, we need your ...
  • Diabetes conference 2019 Support BLUE NOVEMBER! Our diabetes conference is an inclusive forum for patients, parents, healthcare professionals and the public to learn more about the impact and management techniques for young people with diabetes.
  • Parent workshop: Tasty Thai Fishcake and Black Sesame Tofu Pudding Meet other parents and have a good time preparing diabetes-friendly recipes! We’ll be making delicious Thai Fish Cake and Low-carb Black Sesame Tofu Pudding at this workshop!
  • YDA Youth Camp 2019 YDA Youth Camp 2019 is ready for registration!