• Issue 13 – Going on the pump issue13 HKJDA_issue13_final_Page_01This issue allows you to learn about others’ experiences and thoughts on using insulin pump, information related to gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) and latest research on diabetes treatment. We also provided some useful tips for teenagers with diabetes.
  • Issue 10 – The life of a diabetic boarder issue10_HKJDA newsletter_Sep06_Page_01This issue provided readers with two diabetes medical articles and sharing from two diabetic patients.
  • Issue 9 – A nutritious meal issue09_5444_HKJDA newsletter Mar06_Page_01We invited nurse Li-Kit-Yu, a dietician from the Queen Mary Hospital to provide us with food exchange information on popular Chinese “dim sum”, such as calorie level and ratio of carbohydrates, fats and sodium in each piece of dim sum. We also invited a registered dietician, Mr. David Chan to ...
  • Issue 8 – Psychological factors in caring for children with diabetes issue08_Page_01For older children and teens with diabetes, adolescence may be a struggle to gain independence from parents for many aspects of their lives, including the day-to-day management of their diabetes. This is considered to be the hardest period experienced by the teens and their families.
  • Issue 7 – The ongoing debate about stem cell research issue07_Feb2005_Page_01Glycemic Index and glycemic load are important concepts for people with diabetes. Therefore, this issue contains information about them. There is also an article about the ongoing debate on stem cell research. We welcomed all readers to express their opinions on stem cell research.