Mentor Programme

One of the most important projects for YDA is the mentor programme.To support children and adolescents with diabetes and their families is always YDA’s mission. We understand the newly diagnosed diabetes patients and their family members feel helpless and anxious. To help these families, YDA started a mentorship programme, and we recruit our members and parents as mentors to provide support to the needy families by providing diabetes related information and to share personal experiences and tips. To learn more about the programme, please contact with our social worker, May Hsing for details, contact number: 2544-3362.


We are seeking mentors that are:

  • Parents or members with diabetes
  • Ages 16 or above
  • No special academic qualification required
  • Compassionate and a good listener
  • Willing to share personal experience


Peer mentoring can take place via phone, or in-person meetings can take place at YDA Centre of Excellence. A training session will be provided for all mentors.


JN8A3482 JN8A3337