Sponsor a Child for the essential medical equipment vital to their health

“If it weren’t for subsidies from YDA helping us to pay for the expenses, we could hardly make ends meet. We are so grateful for the assistance!”
Po Yin and Grandma

Thirteen-year-old Po Yin looks like a natural born athlete with a slender physique. She was a member of the running team when she was in primary school and is now a member of her high school’s basketball team. To be a pro-athlete is her newfound dream. Before she was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes (T1D) at age 4, being a police officer had been her goal. Grandma told her it could be difficult to meet the physical requirement with a chronic illness. According to Grandma, Po Yin accepted the fact of being diagnosed of T1D naturally despite the changes to her future life plan. She had never cried even once for the daily routine of multiple finger-pricks and insulin injections. Perhaps it is because her brother, who is a year ahead of her, was diagnosed with T1D when he was one; she just takes it like a part of life.

But Grandma knows it’s also because Po Yin is a particularly mature child, like many other children from less privileged families. Po Yin’s single-parent father is always busy working to support the family. It’s Grandma who takes care of the two T1D grandchildren 24/7: testing their blood sugar, preparing meals with calculated amounts of carbohydrates, taking them to exercise every evening, checking their condition at midnight, and taking them to all their medical check-ups. Po Yin wants to make sure she is not putting more weight on her Grandma’s shoulders and learned to take care of herself when she was very young. She prepares her own hypo-kit, and she has never requested a sweet treat. “That will shoot my blood sugar rocket high,” she says. But Grandma says, “It’s because we have no more snack money to give her.”

Helping one another
As a single parent, and with two T1D children to raise with the help of their grandma, their father faces big bills: for blood sugar test strips, lancets, insulin pen needles, and alcohol prep pads. The expenses are huge but vital to the children’s health. Grandma still wants to provide them with good balanced nutrients, and send them to school activities so that they will not feel left out.

“If it weren’t for the subsidies from YDA helping us to pay for the expenses, we can hardly make ends meet. Papa earns just above HK$10,000 a month. We’re so grateful for the assistance from all you warm-hearted people.”
Grandma and Po Yin also offer help to others whenever they can. “Po Yin’s doctor asked us to chat with a very distraught mom of a child newly diagnosed with T1D. I told her, “See how energetic Po Yin is! Your child will grow up as healthy as her!’”

“I wish more people will get to know that our children are no different from all the other kids, even though they have T1D. All they need is a little more support and care.”

Your support means an ongoing healthy life for our children:

  • For $8,000 a year (only $22 per day), you can ensure children like Po Yin receive the necessary medical equipment to manage their diabetes for a year
  • For $200 a month, you can support a child with TID to receive a month’s worth of blood lancets needed for daily blood tests
  • For $300 a month, you can ensure a child with TID receives a month’s worth of insulin pen needles needed for daily injections
  • For $600 a month, you can ensure a child with TID receives a month’s worth of blood glucose test strips
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