How to cope

Adjusting to diabetes naturally takes time and dealing with it is a daily challenge. Here are some strategies that can help you and your child cope with diabetes.

Encourage your child to take charge
Learn about diabetes
Share with family and friends
Talk to others with diabetes
Talk about feelings
Try to re-focus
Re-establish daily routines
Adapting to change
Stress relievers


No matter how well you cope, diabetes can bring a lot of additional stress. Try some of these ways to reduce stress.

  • Exercise – it elevates your state of mind and helps tense muscles to relax
  • Writing – just putting your feelings down on paper can make your problems more bearable (and don’t worry about spelling or grammar – this is just for you)
  • Relaxation exercises – try some yoga, deep breathing, or tensing and relaxing one muscle at a time
  • Distractions – have an evening out, rent a movie, or get lost in a good book
  • Massage – it’s a great way to relax
  • Meditation or prayer – take care of your spiritual side
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