YDA’s mission is to support children and adolescents with diabetes and their families. We understand that a child newly diagnosed with diabetes and their family members can feel helpless and anxious. To help these families, YDA started a mentorship programme.

Mentorship Programme

This is one of most important projects in the YDA Care Support service. The Mentorship Programme is for newly diagnosed/ referral families. The families will be paired up with a mentor who can offer their support and share their experiences on daily management.

To learn more about the programme or becoming a mentor, please contact with our social worker on 2544 3263 for details .


For most children living with Type 1 diabetes in Hong Kong, their daily struggles with diabetes are lonely. They are often the only person in their extended family, their social circle, and even their entire school who has Type 1 diabetes and needs insulin injections every day. Many of these children struggle with feelings of isolation, rejection, and alienation, which can lead to depression and lack of self-esteem.

Parents often feel overwhelming stress dealing with their child’s illness, which can be detrimental to the whole family if not treated properly. With proper emotional support, these families can live happy and healthy lives.

This is why YDA organises a number of different support group workshops and family events to help with learning more about living with diabetes, as well as provide an opportunity to meet others.

Support group workshops

These workshops are regularly organised for the children and teens/young adults with diabetes and their parents, to update their knowledge of diabetes management. As well as provide an opportunity for them to meet with one another and gain mutual support:

  • Personal development training – a leadership training series will be provided to teens/young adults with diabetes. Engaging them to lead activities, facilitate member interaction, self-support and develop fellowship among members. Teens/young adults will be empowered to actively engage in self-management, and make informed choices and decisions to help achieve their personal health, as well as life, goals
  • Personal care (outreach counselling) – Since Type 1 diabetes is a life-long disease, and different emotional issues arise as children grow up. These regular care support activities will be organised to assist in developing their full potential and establishing a positive attitude towards the role of diabetes in their lives.

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