What we do

Youth Diabetes Action (YDA) is a charity dedicated to supporting children and adolescents with diabetes and their families in Hong Kong.

YDA was set up in 2001, with the vision that no child is held back because of diabetes. We want to reach every child, adolescent and family affected by diabetes to provide support and information. We believe that with good management and support a child with diabetes can go on to live a full and healthy life.

We understand the impact that diabetes can have on the lives of those living and affect by this condition, several of our own council and staff members are either living with or has a child/family member with diabetes.

Why we exist

  • To be an advocate for children and adolescents with diabetes.
  • To promote community awareness and share knowledge of the impact diabetes can have on the lives of children and adolescents living with it.
  • To provide information and resources for children and adolescents with diabetes and their family members in every area of life.
  • To provide support to children so they can grow to their full potentials, as well as become self-support.
  • To provide financial support to those in need, filling the gap as the Government only provide insulin but not the diabetes supplies. We will continue to keep urging the government to provide all basic diabetes supplies.

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