CGM device on-loan programme

Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 5.23.10 PMContinuous glucose monitoring system (CGMS) is a new medical technology to provide a stream of interstitial glucose measurements. These measurements help medical professionals and patients to have better understanding of the blood glucose patterns, thus a better therapy can be devised to achieve better control.

  • Seek your paediatrician’s or nurse educator’s agreement and support in interpreting the graph after the report is generated.
  • Submit the completed enrolment form together with crossed cheque to Youth Diabetes Action.
  • YDA will notify you of the date to collect the device/ set up the sensor
  • Set up the CGM device at Medtronic Hong Kong Medical Limited
  • Record the daily meals consumption, insulin taken and exercise engaged with reference to the product guidelines of Medtronic
  • Return the CGM device to Medtronic
  • Submit the CGM report together with the personal record to your paediatrician or nurse educator at your next medical appointment for review


  • A new sensor is required for each trial. Each participant has to pay $700 for each sensor. (Waived for YDA members under CSSA or YDA Financial Assistance Programme)
  • A $1,000 deposit is required. which will be fully refunded with the return of the CGM device. If any damage is found, the deposit will be deducted and additional fees will be charged for maintenance

Please contact Ms. May Hsing on 2544 3362 for more information.