Recognising 20 years of supporting Hong Kong children with diabetes

Youth Diabetes Action (YDA) was founded in 2001 to support children suffering from diabetes. They live with this lifelong condition which still has no cure, and which requires a modified diet, frequent blood tests, and several injections per day, just to stay alive.

YDA strives to empower and be an advocate for children, so that no child is held back because of diabetes. Now as we reach our 20th anniversary, we need to continue to provide the support – financial, medical, emotional, educational counselling, access to new technology and better treatment methods – to ensure that no child in Hong Kong will be alone in living with this lifelong disease.

To celebrate our 20th Anniversary, YDA will be organising a number of events throughout this year to raise awareness of diabetes and funds to support children with diabetes. We would like to invite you to join us.

20 years of YDA

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