You probably already know but sometimes your blood glucose can go too high and stays high. This is called hyperglycaemia (pronounced high-per-gly-see-me-a) or hyper for short.

There are many reasons this might happen:

  • Forgetting to take insulin or didn’t take enough insulin.
  • Eating too much sugary or starchy food.
  • Eating too much when you were treating a hypo.
  • You are ill.

Signs of a hyper

Here are some of the things that people feel:

  • tired
  • thirsty
  • needing to wee a lot
  • headaches
  • tummy aches.

What to do

  • Drink lots of water or sugar-free drinks.
  • Your mum and dad might give you a bit more insulin.
  • Stay as active as possible, if you are feeling well enough.

Watch out for ketones

Having high blood glucose levels for too long can cause ketones to appear in your body. Too many ketones are bad for you and can even poison your body.

Your doctor or parents might do a special test for ketones. They do that by testing your wee or your blood with a special strip.

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