Having diabetes means you are more likely to develop problems with the heart, this is known as cardiovascular disease, which involve either the heart or blood vessels. High glucose levels for a long period of time, can cause blockages or damage to the blood vessels. The vessels are what carry oxygen and nutrients to the heart, damage to these could lead to a heart attack, stroke or blockage of blood vessels supplying the legs and feet, which can lead to foot ulcers, infections and even loss of a toe, foot, or lower leg.

The risk of stroke is also increased among those with diabetes.

Signs of heart and blood vessels problems

  • High blood glucose levels isn’t the only things that can affect the heart, blood vessels are also damaged by high cholesterol (blood fats) and high blood pressure.
  • Checking the pulses in your feet, blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels will help to spot the signs early. These checks should all be done in your routine check-ups.

Steps to take

  • It’s important to manage your diabetes as best as possible, keep blood glucose level with the optimal blood glucose range.
  • Stay healthy and active
  • Attend your diabetes health check-ups.
  • Talk to your child’s healthcare team if you have any concerns.

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