Online Parents Group – Christmas

我們會與家長們同步進行線上煮食, 發揮創意,將簡單又健康的食物變身成兩款可愛的聖誕小食,一起分享節慶飲食小貼士,迎接聖誕節!
We will cook two types of Christmas foods online with parents and share eating tips together to welcome Christmas!

日期:23/12 (星期三)
時間:4:30 PM – 5:30 PM
形式:網上 (Zoom)

截止日期:22/12 12 PM (星期二)
查詢: 2544 3362 (忻姑娘) 或 2543 0555 (楊姑娘)
備註:參加者須自備基本食材 (薯仔、西蘭花、士多啤梨、棉花糖);可選擇添加裝飾食材 (雜豆、車厘茄、淡忌廉、黑芝麻)
如報名人數眾多,將以抽籤形式決定 。

Date: 23/12 (Wednesday)
Time: 4:30 PM – 5:30 PM
Format: Online (Zoom)
Target: YDA members’ parents
Activity Fee: Free

Deadline: 22/12 12 PM (Tuesday)
Enquiries: 2544 3362 (May) or 2543 0555 (Tess)
Remark: Participants have to prepare the basic ingredients (Potatoes, broccoli, strawberries, marshmallows).
Decorating ingredients (Mixed vegetables, cherry tomato, whipping cream, black sesame) are optional.
Detailed recipe will be sent out later.
When there is over-subscription, selection will be made by drawing lots.