This World Diabetes Day (WDD) we are organising BLUE November to raise awareness of diabetes and the serious impact it can have on the lives of those living with it and their family. We have a number of activities throughout the month. Please join us in spreading the word and learning more about diabetes.

WDD is on the 14 November. Diabetes is on the rise, and yet the condition is often still misunderstood. Some of the misconceptions include thinking all types of diabetes are the same, Type 1 is caused by eating too much sugar and only affects children whilst Type 2 affects older people, amongst others.

There is also a lack of understanding around how diabetes can impact not just the life of the child with the condition but the rest of the family and support network. It is a relentless condition that requires daily management and can lead to huge emotional and financial challenges for families.

YDA is dedicated to our mission that no child should be held back because of diabetes. Please join us for BLUE November.

9 November

14 November

24 November

For more information on how to get involved please contact us on or call 2544 3263