Diabetes Conference 2019

The YDA Diabetes Conference 2019 was held on 9 November. It was our honour to provide an all-inclusive forum for patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals to hear about the latest development and management techniques for young people with diabetes.

The conference kicked off with the keynote “Advances in Diabetes” presented by Professor Ronald Ma, followed by six interactive workshops on topics centred on the impact of diabetes. These ranged from practical information to emotional concerns about living with diabetes. Of these, we have prepared videos of the highlights of Prof Ronald Ma, Dr Peter Tong and Dr Elaine Kwan’s talks, please find them below.

Advances in Diabetes 2019
Prof Ronald Ma

Although the global epidemic of diabetes continues, research has shown possible new treatments and understanding of the condition. Prof Ronald Ma guides us through the findings and new technologies in the field.

Video in Chinese only

Level Up Diabetes Management
Dr Peter Tong

Diabetes requires a lifelong commitment and application to attain good glycaemic control. Dr Peter Tong shows us how to take diabetes management to the next level.

Video in Chinese only

Hypoglycaemia and its Fear
Dr Elaine Kwan

Hypoglycaemia is a condition that everyone with Type 1 diabetes would have experienced – but never fear! Dr Elaine Kwan guides us in understanding hypoglycaemia and how to reduce its occurrence.

Video in Chinese only

We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to our sponsors, for enabling us to offer such a great programme; to our wonderful speakers, whose expertise and passion to support the youth diabetes community in Hong Kong is truly gratifying; and to our attendees, for opening their minds and hearts to share in our programme.