Diabetes Technology: Insulin Pump and CGM

The focus of this YDA webinar will be on insulin pumps and CGMs, moderated by Mr Dennis Ow, a parent member of YDA. Dr Joanna Tung will provide an educational session to introduce insulin pumps, basal-bolus insulin inter-relationship and how they work. Whilst Brittany Fried will be sharing her experience of navigating diabetes management together with staying on top of school and work life. Brittany has had T1D for 13 years, and has been on an insulin pump for 12 years.  
Note :Webinar will be conducted in English.

本研討會將集中介紹胰島素泵及連續血糖監測儀的資訊。研討會由YDA會員家長 Dennis Ow 先生主持,並邀得兒科內分泌科的童月玲醫生向大家講解「如何運用胰島素泵」及「基礎及速效胰島素混合劑的相互關係及作用」。另外,大會亦邀得一型糖尿病患者Brittany Fried 小姐分享在學校和工作時管理糖尿病的經驗和心得,Brittany已確診一型糖尿病13年,並有12年使用胰島素泵的經驗。

Date 日期:2/10/2021(Saturday 星期六)
Time 時間:9:00 PM 晚上 – 10:00 PM 晚上
Format 形式:Online 網上 (Zoom)
Target 對象:YDA members and parents 本會會員及其家長

Registration Deadline 報名截止日期:29/09/2021

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 2544 3263. 如有任何查詢,歡迎致電2544 3263。