Life can be hard enough as a teen. Peer pressure, popularity, school work, and relationships, these are common concerns of teenagers, yet teens with diabetes have extra concerns – the glucose levels, administering daily injections, staying fit and eating meals at the right time.

You may feel rebellious, want to deny that you have diabetes, and even feel like not following your treatment plan just so to “fit in.” But it is important to keep on top of things.

Things to watch out for

  • Your blood glucose levels may fluctuate and swing erratically during this time, no matter how hard you try to keep it under control. This could be because hormones produced during these years negatively affect insulin usage, especially for girls around the time of menstrual periods.
  • Having diabetes and injecting insulin can suddenly feel different and have a negative effect on your self-image and self-esteem.

These are all normal experiences to have as a teen. Information, resources, and support are readily available so you don’t have to feel alone and in the dark. You do not have to feel overwhelmed or “different.”

The internet can be a great place to find the latest information on treatment options and read stories of how other teens deal with diabetes. It may help you feel that what you’re going through is more “normal”, and won’t feel so alone. It isn’t easy – but you’ll learn how to deal with everything in time, especially with the support of your friends and family.

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