Tips for going back to school during the coronavirus epidemic

As the epidemic eases, students will go back to school very soon. According to “Health Advice to Schools
for the Prevention of Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) after class resumption” released by Centre for
Health Protection, the students shall take the following precautionary measures to minimise the risk of
contracting COVID-19.

  1. Perform hand hygiene properly, especially before touching your eyes, nose or mouth; before eating;
    after using the toilet; and after touching public installations or equipment such as handrails or door
    knobs; or when hands are soiled after coughing or sneezing.
  2. Wash hands thoroughly with liquid soap and water whenever it’s been soiled.
  3. When hands are not visibly soiled, clean hands by rubbing them with 70- 80% alcohol-based
    handrub as an effective alternative.
  4. Cover mouth and nose with tissue paper when sneezing or coughing. Dispose of soiled tissue paper
    properly into a lidded rubbish bin, and wash hands with liquid soap and water afterwards.
  5. If you have a fever or respiratory symptoms, you should refrain from attending school and promptly
    seek medical advice.
  6. You should wear a surgical mask when taking public transport, while in crowded places and in
    school. It is important to wear a mask properly, and to practise good hand hygiene before wearing
    and after removing a mask.
  7. Do not share personal items such as eating utensils and towels.
  8. Build up good immunity by having a balanced diet, taking regular exercise and adequate rest.
  9. To cope with the increase of activities, you should perform regular blood glucose tests and ensure
    you have the necessary supplies for preventing and treating a hypo.
  10. If someone from your family has recently returned from overseas and is under compulsory
    quarantine in the same place where you are living, you should stay home and not come to school
    until the quarantine period of the person concerned has expired.

Each school will have their own specific guidelines for returning to school, therefore please speak to
the school if you have any questions or concerns. It is important to stay safe by practising good
personal hygiene and keeping good blood glucose levels. The government guidelines and advice can
be found here.

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