YDA20 Diabetes Conference Highlights

YDA20 Diabetes Conference: “The Development of Diabetes Treatment and Management” was successfully held on 27th November 2021. 

The main features at the Conference included the transition to adulthood – moving from parent-led care to self-management, and how to remain positive whilst managing the everyday stresses of having a child with diabetes. 

These were the three sessions:

Session 1: Advances in diabetes treatment: 100 years of discoveries

Speaker: Prof. Ronald Ma, Honorary Consultant and Specialist in Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism

We were delighted to have Prof. Ronald Ma as the keynote speaker for this Diabetes Conference. We learned about the latest information on diabetes care.

Session 2: Moving from parent-led diabetes care as a child to self-management

Speaker: Dr. Pik To Cheung, Specialist in Paediatrics, and Mr. Burlingame Chan, an experienced YDA member

Dr. PT Cheung and experienced YDA member Burlingame Chan shared with us the transition to adulthood, information on how parents and young people with diabetes move from parent-led diabetes care to self-management.

Session 3: Type 1 diabetes family relationship

Speaker: Dr. Aurelius Fung, Specialist in Paediatrics

Family relationship is always a difficult topic, and even more so for families with Type 1 diabetes. Dr. Aurelius Fung hosted a discussion-led talk on family relationships and how parents could deal with the pressure of managing children with diabetes.

Participants were given the opportunity to meet and talk with experienced YDA ambassadors who shared their experiences of living with Type 1 and overcoming their challenges.

For children aged 12 and below attending the Conference, we set up a Children Zone featuring warm-up games, Nagomi art jam, and healthy snack jar workshops.

We also invited various companies to set up booths for the occasion. The booths included: Medtronic Hong Kong sharing diabetes-related products, Novo Nordisk sharing insulin information, and Hago sharing healthy food products.

We hope to bring more educational and enjoyable events in the years ahead.