YDA SUN Day Camp 2022

YDA SUN Day Camp 2022 was successfully held on 7 August, 2022. It was a lovely sunny Sunday and we were very excited for the camp to be at Po Leung Kuk Jockey Club Pak Tam Chung Holiday Camp. Under the guidance of medical staff and volunteers, our members learnt how to monitor their blood glucose levels while doing sports.

Participants were divided into six groups, each group had medical professionals and volunteers supporting, so parents knew their children were in good hands. Volunteers were responsible for carrying hypo kits and first aid kits for the group. This allowed easy access for the children and medical volunteers at any time, meaning the children were able to concentrate on having fun.

Everyone checked their blood glucose level before joining their favourite activities. Some members and volunteers showed their talents on the archery range, while others joined activities such as cycling, children rope course, roller skating and rock climbing, there was something for everyone! Besides the different sports mentioned, we also had ball games. Some members teamed up with volunteers and competed in basketball and table tennis.

At lunchtime, YDA members accompanied each other to carrying out their finger-prick blood glucose test before enjoying their hotdogs and bananas.

YDA arranged an adventure-based learning session to further challenge members to try new activities. The first activity was a solo challenge – zipline. All the children enjoyed it so much, they wanted another go after their first flight, it was very exciting! Some children experience a spike in their blood glucose levels afterwards, which is normal. This was a valuable experience.

Next, we went to the swimming pool for our final adventure – raft building. Participants were divided into two big groups and had to co-operate to build a raft and paddle cross the pool. With the joint efforts of coaches, volunteers and children, we quickly managed to make two rafts, and made our way across the pool.

Before dismissal, medical staff reminded the children to check their blood glucose before bedtime and watch out for hypoglycaemia during night time. They also shared their observations on the children’s blood glucose monitoring during the course of the day, which was educational for both parents and children. Many children couldn’t stop talking about the camp afterwards; sharing all the fun details with their parents, and expressing their eagerness to enrol in the next camp!

Special thanks to

  • Goldman Sachs Community TeamWorks volunteers for encouraging the children to participate in the activities,
  • idsMED for sponsoring six blood glucose meters and supplies,
  • Novo Nordisk Hong Kong Limited for sponsoring our Day Camp.

We are so pleased the participants enjoyed the activity so much. We hope to be able to have more members join us at our next camp!