We went shrimp fishing for the first time!

Shrimp fishing was the perfect activity for a hot summer’s day. It allowed us to:

  • stay indoors in air-conditioning,
  • sit down and gather for some chit chat,
  • face some challenges but not too much,
  • eat something — but with few carbs.

The event was so popular that we received an overwhelming number of applications, and ended up hosting two sessions! We understood your enthusiasm; it had been such a long time since we last hosted an in-person group event. Lots of parents took this opportunity to mingle with each other, while the kids tried very hard to fish for their own afternoon snacks. They all enjoyed the afternoon and went home with a full belly of salt-baked shrimps and a gift bag from YDA.

Thank you for participating in this event, we hope to see you again at our next activities!