Carb Counting with Dietician

“Carb Counting with Dietician” is successfully held on June 25, 2022. Members and parents learnt carb counting in fun way.

We have invited dietician Kurtus to share with us some tips on carb counting. This activity is designed for newly diagnosed children and families to learn how to count carbohydrates in daily meals for better blood glucose management.

Once everyone arrived at the Centre of Excellence of YDA, and cleaned their hands, they all jumped into preparing lunch. There were four zones, responsible for making hotdogs, salad, pigs in the blankets, and roasted chicken.

We prepared infographics to showcase the nutrition facts of all ingredients, so that participants can calculate the amount of carbohydrates and nutrition in their lunch.

While participants are having their lunch, the dietician, Kurtus talked about basic knowledge of carb counting. The sharing was engaging and fun. He designed a mini-game where parents have to choose what they like to eat from a pile of game cards, and children will have to guess the carbohydrate servings in the food.

Parents also raised many questions, to which the dietician patiently answered. He debunked a lot of myths about G.I. value, and “low sugar” claims. We all learnt a lot from the sharing.

This time we have mainly western food, hopefully, we can introduce more food of other styles in the next carb-counting activity!