Our legendary Spring Fling event will now take place in the comfort of homes across Hong Kong and even worldwide. Become a Spring Fling Anywhere host and arrange your own Spring Fling Anywhere party at your home, work, school or it can even be a virtual party. Choose your own menu or YDA can help you order the food and party decorations – we have some great menu options on offer. Invite your friends, add your own personal touches, and share the fun – all while supporting children with diabetes!

How to become a host

Choose a date in April – June

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YDA 20th Anniversary

If you are interested in sponsoring any of YDA’s 20th Anniversary activities, please click here.

Disclaimer: It is the responsibility of the Host, not YDA, to follow the current social distancing restrictions and take the necessary precautionary COVID-19 measures when organising a Spring Fling Anywhere party. It is not YDA’s responsibility.